MCCC was first established back in 1969 as a missionary response to children in crisis. For nearly five decades it has been a Christian ministry that goes on reaching out to support children, youth and families who find themselves in extreme and difficult circumstances in northern Tanzania.  It has always been shaped by a compassionate response to those in distress or danger, offering open arms of welcome and protection; offering the open arms of God’s love to those who need it. 

In its earliest days MCCC was a loving response to the malnutrition and hunger of many children in the community. Today it is still the response of local Christians in their own communities of northern Tanzania to the ongoing needs around them. In conjunction with the Social Welfare department and under license, MCCC provides home to approx 35 children of various ages. 

Over the years the love of the Lord Jesus Christ has inspired both missionaries and national staff members to give of themselves to express that love in different ways:

1. in long term residential care for children;
2. in helping meet their varied emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual needs;
3. in community support programmes for needy families;
4. in providing support to maximise access to education for all our children;
5. in offering holidays and camps for the children we support;
6. and in maintaining a context of Christian nurture and love.

MCCC is our family, it's our work and it's our passion - Making Children Count for Christ.